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Do you help treat terminal or chronic illness?

Yes, Reiki is a great complimentary therapy to ease anxiety, decrease depression, lower physical pain, increase healing, and bring a sense of peace. People come once a week, once a month, or as often as needed to help manage both emotional and physical pain and stress.

Is Reiki like massage?

Reiki is only like massage in that one lies on a massage table. With Reiki you keep all your clothes on and even lie under a sheet or blanket. The Reiki therapist does no muscle manipulation, only very light touch or no touch. People experience a sense of deep sense of well being during the treatment and even fall asleep at times.

Who can get Reiki?

Any person can get Reiki and at any age. Pregnant mothers can use it to help with their changing bodies. Children can use it to help with anxiety or disease. Teens and adults can use it for stress, chronic illness, or life changes. Pets can even get reiki, no pet reiki is offered through Heather at this time though. 

Is Reiki a religion?

Reiki is not a religion. It is a method of healing. The founder was Dr. Usui. He studied religions in the early 1900's. He was born in Japan and had a theology degree. He wanted a way for healing to be accessible to everyone, not just the rich. After much prayer and meditation, he was given the idea of Reiki. He brought this blessing and healing method to many then realized he's only one person so he trained people to continue this blessing on.

Is Reiki Demonic?

Reiki is the Japanese word for "Spirit led life energy". There is a lot of confusion in our Christian community because of lingo. To put it in Christian terms. Reiki is the Holy Spirit being guided by prayer. Jesus used the Holy Spirit guided by prayer to heal. The gift of using the Holy Spirit was given to all  on the day of Pentecost. See this blog for more on this topic- IS Reiki Christian?